Taste is one of the 5 senses that every human being has and that allows us to distinguish sweet, bitter or salty flavors. However, each of us has different tastes and looks for different foods and drinks that match our taste. Color, aroma, body and flavor are the qualities that determine what the eyes, nose and taste will feel and activate in our sensory cells.

Aware of this fact, we at Odemel tried from the beginning to offer several flavor options in order to provide different experiences. Thus, when we identify the flavors that people most appreciate, we are able to choose the Mead that best suits their taste.

For those who prefer bitter drinks, we suggest the Orange Mead.
If you enjoy a more fruity, citrusy but balanced drink, we suggest the Red Fruits Mead which is a combination of 7 red fruits.
For those who intend to try the first alcoholic drink invented by Man in its essence, we suggest the Traditional Mead, which is its purest and most aromatic version.
Apple Mead is for those who value a light, smooth and fresh drink, revealing soft notes of green apple and cinnamon.
The Passion Fruit Mead is for those who like a sweet and fuller drink, feeling the essence of the fruit.
For lovers of bitter sweet, we invite you to try the Chocolate and Coffee Mead that seeks to create a perfect balance between chocolate sweetness and a slight bitterness of coffee.

What flavor are you curious to try?
We are always innovating, so we will have news soon.