There are several ways to tell a story, we decided to tell ours through the story of our people. It all started with a donation of my great-grandfather’s hives to my father Manuel Costa, who invented a magic potion: his first recipe for mead based on his own honey.

The founder of our company, was far from imagining that the combination of his professional experience in the food field with his passion as a beekeeper, as if by alchemy, gave rise to a family recipe due to its quality.

The entrepreneurial vision of his son André, has driven the transformation of a family recipe into a distinct and innovative business.

Odemel appears as the brand of our Mead in which Ode, in essence, is to praise something, describing its intellectual and emotional nature. It arises from the desire to glorify honey and eternalize moments. Odemel is a premium brand of mead that undergoes a minimum maturation of 12 to 18 months.

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